Hello there! I'm Jean-Paul Peschard. I am a Computer Engineer/Game Developer currently enrolled in the Game Engineering track in the EAE Master's program of the University of Utah.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the ITAM (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico), having finished a thesis in serious games. While studying there  I worked on small team-based games for mobile platforms. Later on, I further pursued my interest in games at VFS (Vancouver Film School) where I specialized in Game Design. I have an ever-growing passion to implement amazing new game mechanics to yield unforgettable player experiences. I use my Computer Science background to understand and communicate effectively my designs to other technical team members to optimize and quickly iterate on a game's experience.


Outside of making games, I am a huge movie fan and am strongly inclined to sci-fi and horror genres. I enjoy practicing martial arts and rocking on my guitar and drums.



Vancouver Film School


-Diploma with honors in Game Design.

-Best Final Project.

-Excellence in Level Design



-Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

- Graduated with thesis in serious games, developing a Unity game teaching the Mexican sign language alphabet to players.


Programming Languages


- C#                               4 years

- C++                             4 years

-Java                             4 years

-HTML                          1 year

-Visual Basic .NET      2 years

-JavaScript                 <1 year

-MySQL                        1 year

Game Engines


-Unity                           4 years



-Unreal 4                     3 years








Visual Programming


- Blueprint                   

- Flowgraph                          

Vancouver Animation School


- Game Programmer for 1 year


- Designing and implementing Bye Bye Game for IOS and Android platforms.

University of Utah



-Graduated from the EAE Master's program with an emphasis on Engineering.


- Released thesis game Clawface on Steam with over 40,000 downloads.